Sank with the book

Sank with the book

It was never thought in my mind that I would be a kind of this man. A man who loved read a book. Though I was never buy a book till a year ago. More over I have already wrote this kind of story. Such a troublesome to me. It thanks to one person who makes me a booklover, even I’m not kind sort of bookworm who wore a thick freak glasses LOL.

Sank with the book, those words suddenly cross in my mind while I am take a bath. Don’t know why it has to be at that time.J.

So right now, even I’m not sure this story will be read by some people, I’ll write it down, about the book I love so much. The book, I mean the thickest book I ever read was Harry Potter and the prisoners of Azkaban. Though I’m not a fan of Harry Potter, like my friend who lend it to me. It is also my first completed book reading.

At the first glance, I was thinking, woaaaah I’m not gonna make it. Just how can I finish that kind of book, just by seeing it. But I remembering my self, I have to read a book. At least I have to sustaining my self to keep my eyes opened when I read a book. Yes, I have some k ind of trouble at that time regarding a book. Every time I read a book, suddenly feel sleepy J  hehehehe.

I finish that Harry Potter book for a long time. Some two weeks may be. And then, somehow I want to read another book. Though there was no special admiration when I read harry potter. This second book may be is the gate for me to be such kind of a bookworm. Eragon, wrote by Crishtoper Paolini. An epic story about dragon and bla… bla.. bla… J. But I’m not sank yet. But I feel enjoy when I’m reading it. So when I get my first salary, I went to the bookstore and buy the sequel of Eragon, Brisingr.

Now, there are some books that really make me a book addict. Not the writer from aboard. But I forgot their name, hehehehe…

That book is negeri van oranje. It telling about five Indonesian student who lived aboard at Holland, or should I called them Kompeni  J. So interesting, funny, and moreover I never feel bored when I read over it. May be I love that book because I desired what they do. Living on the abroad, where you can meet person that totally stranger. Feels the passion of missing something from Indonesia etc.

Some how, I don’t know why I have to write kind of this story. But, what the hell, I’m just finished it then I have to post it. J


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